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Intervene or not?

I was shopping at a  small Asian grocery store this past weekend. While I was on my way, I noticed a man cursing out loud. I guessed he was a bit mentally unstable, so I just passed him by not taking much care in it.

When I got in the store, there was a man with his child(~10yrs old) asking the store owner to call the police to take care of the man outside who was cursing. The crazy man came in front of the store and started cursing at that man. I guessed they exchanged words outside before coming in. The man went outside and started showing aggression toward the crazy guy. Then he went back in.

Suddenly I heard a scuffle break out and fists flying. The crazy man was hit to the ground and the other man started stomping him. To me, that didn’t become self-defense anymore. The fight was broken up by the store clerks. They both took off before the police came.

So here’s my question, should one have intervened? As I was with my children, I didn’t even think of it. Take care of one’s family first. Unless they came near, I didn’t plan to do anything. Then I was asked “If you were alone?” I would have only helped the store clerks to break it up and clear them out. If it continued outside…no. It was clearly the man with his boy should have walked away rather than putting more fuel on the fire by being aggressive towards the crazy guy. In the end it was only foul words..but I guess some guys have to prove themselves; but in front of ones own child?!

Unless serious harm was being done(which in a case like this doesn’t), I would just stay back and not get involved. I say let them smack each other around and feel like idiots the next day. Don’t waste your energy, that’s why we pay taxes; to have the police take care of it.

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