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Muscle cramps

Recently this week several students suffered some muscle cramping, hamstring and the dreaded calf cramp, while training.

The best quick first aid remedy I find that helps is having the person lie down and someone else stretch it out.

Causes of cramping? well severl can come to mind:

  1. Dehydration (lack of water in body, in winter it can be common due to dryness caused by heating systems and we don’t feel as thirsty like on a hot day)
  2. Lack of potassium in body (foods high in potassium ex. meats, fish, apricots, banana, orange, prunes, spinach, tomatoes…)
  3. Low carbohydrate levels (people on low carb diets- no good!!)
  4. Very tight muscles (stretch!!)

Massotherapy can help, but one should fix their diet, keep hydrated and stretch.

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