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Training in Japan summer ’10 pt.2

Having lived and trained in Japan for 5-6 yrs many years ago, and still coming back here to train, I still see the diffence between the training methods of here and North America.
Many of the gyms here are small, due to the high cost of rent and lack of space. While the size of Club Kozak would be an average size in Japan, it is considered a small one to N.A. standards. In N.A. everyone wants to train in the biggest gym in town, not for the quality, but on the size. For some reason the larger the better. I guess its the same mentally in people with their  houses and cars.
Another thing is that there is not much high tech training routines here in Japan. Of course they are not ancient drills, but they don’t rely on the latest up to date fashionable training methods. They just train hard.
Many trainers here are very humble, not needing to get every and all certificates and ranking available in the world. One doesn’t need to boast or go to the point of lying about ones training, certificates or even lineage. Of course there are some fakes here in Japan, but I don’t think as much as we see in N.A.
Of course we cannot forget that there are also many great and humble instructors in N.A.

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