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Reality fighting vs. sport fighting

Having students joining us from other gyms, many have commented that although there training at these others schools was good, they where missing an important part.Reality fighting for street self defense.

The vast majority of MMA gyms train specifically for sport fighting. Sport fighting in my view, actually  is one of the best ways to train for actual self-defense. It gives people pressure training to against an opponent, rather than just standing there and “pretending” to attack. Combat Sambo (sportive) competitions are basically MMA with a jacket on.

Many react to this saying that self-defense techniques aren’t necessary to train because “I’ll just run away” or “It’ll never happen to me”. Running away is a fantastic option, but just like other things in life, we sometimes don’t get that option.

Training realistically for self-defense, using situation drills with actual resistance , is a great way to train for when it might be necessary. Training for sport combat is also a great tool for self-defense training., it can add some fun and enjoyment to combat training.

That is why I believe it is important to cover both aspects of combat training: reality AND sport. Not either or.

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