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MMA madness

With the explosion of MMA now, it seems everyone is a pro-fighter or an MMA trainer.

This fashion of course does have a positive impact on legitimate schools, but it looks like any karate   dojos have all of a sudden start teaching MMA.  If you ask where they have gotten their MMA training: “well things I picked up along the way, here and there”.

Teaching guard techniques, or other ground grappling during weapons training or whatever in their “modern TMA” , boggles my mind. I completly respect those who teach TMA and honestly tell their students to seek a competent teacher in grappling or MMA, than those that read some books, watch some videos or did one seminar, and claim to be a extensive knowledge in grappling  or reality self-defense training.

MMA is a competitive sport. Look   at the times these schools have competed in MMA or grappling, and it equals to zero. Why then hold   MMA or even grappling classes? Should you ask them why they don’t compete:”it’s that we are a reality fighting gym , and don’t compete”.

Just do it.

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