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Supplement schlock

“Do you recommend any supplements Coach to help me in my training?” I get this question from my Combat Sambo/MMA students and fitness clients several times a year. I think its time to express my opinion on them.

Supplements, like religion, is a very personal thing. We all have different views and beliefs  . Some swear by supplements, while others swear at them. In the end, it’s really one’s own choice to use them or not.

Walking into a supplement store can cause much confusion

Like many things in life, there are some good things and some bad. The same with supplements. The main problem is that many people are looking for that quick and easy answer to their dilemma, rather than seriously looking into a more plausible, but more than often a solution that takes more time and dedication.

Gaining weight. Now that’s an easy one, fat that is! People that want to put on more muscle mass end up spending a crap load of cash on really useless stuff. There are gainers, pre-workout, during workout, post-workout, blah, blah, blah supplements. If one would take all those, you’d need a savings account just for that. Eat good food AND train sensible!

Losing weight. Fat burners. Special ingredients that will melt off your fat. If you really want to burn off that fat without proper diet AND exercise, stick yourself in a microwave on high for 2 minutes, it’ll do the trick (not sure if you’ll survive thought).

Supplement companies feed off those that are looking for the quicker solution. Yes, there are some good companies out there, but many more that make cheaper versions, potentially causing more harm than good. Every time one looks at those supplement ads, we end up thinking: “damn! I need that stuff too! Johnny BuffBones uses it, so should I!!” don’t forget..more than likely Johnny Buffbones uses “something” else too.

I’m not going to go into all the supplements and give reviews. Do a proper reasearch, and really ask yourself: “do I really need it?” Find out if it can really aid you, or is it just a bunch of fancy chemical names that really mean nothing.

Supplements are just that, they should not replace REAL food, but be used intelligently to supplement one's diet

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