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Invest in your health

  Most people I come across in daily life will tell me all about their financial investments they made, how much they earned etc… When I ask them if they train or exercise, they say they have no time, or no money (ha!).
No time? These people will spend hours in front of their computer, researching the best stocks and reviewing their financial porfolios. I say, what’s the point of investing in all that money if one’s health will be poor in the future?
No money? People have gotten their priorities wrong. They want to make more money, but forget about their health. They figure some pill or surgery is all they need for their problems. I’ve seen people take better care of their cars than their own bodies.

One should look at one’s health as another investment. One should spend some time and money on getting in better shape and following a healthier lifestyle. By investing in one’s health, you’ll be able to enjoy the weath your earning.   One has to remember, you can’t take your money with you after you die.

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