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Plant-based diet project

As many of my students and others have noticed that I have lost some weight, mainly fat. Over a 2 1/2 period time, I lost about 16 lbs. This seems like alot, but I didn’t suffer, and my energy level was great all the time!

Lost weight, fat and feel good with energy!

The “secret” to this loss? A plant-based diet. Myself, I used to be a vegetarian for several years, mostly during the years of living in Taiwan, and Japan.Recently, since January, my wife proposed to cut out meat and dairy products, for us but mainly for our children. We where concerned of the potential harmful effect of meat and dairy to our children.

 During the holiday period I was fortunate to watch a documentary “Fork over Knives”. After watching it , I was more and more interested in returning to my old eating habits of non-meat. I used to eat eggs and dairy, but now avoid it as much as possible.

As the diet is called, plant-based, it is not what one does not eat ( meat etc..) but rather what one should eat (veggies, fruits etc…). Of course, should the occasion arise, I still would eat meat or fish and have dairy too, in situations where I am a guest, or there are eggs or milk in a recipe. Basically, I won’t take a fit if I ate it!

Plant-Based Diet food guide pyramid

People constantly ask me: “What do you eat??” Food! I say. There are many interesting recipes for this diet. Thankfully to my wife, she makes fantastic plant-based dishes. Others are concerned about the protein intake, espacially for sport performance. I believe, protein is over ranked for athletic performance. There is protein in almost all foods. I think more people should be concerned about getting more veggies in their daily intake!

A good book that I read is The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Plant-Based Nutrition by Julienna Hever . This book is good because it has a section called Plant-Strong Athletes which covers sport performance on this diet.

For those interested in having more info on my routines and meal plans, please feel free to contact me.

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