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Fitness fallacy

As the fitness industry grows high, ther are its lows. I get a pain in my neck, everytime I read of an MMA training program from “fitness gurus” who have never competed in anything resembeling MMA.

These experts even offer MMA conditioning instructor certifications to their followers. Their MMA background considers of some early years of Karate, and have watched re-runs of pro MMA matches on TV. This, they assume makes them an expert in the field.
If someone came to me and asked for a hockey(or some other sport) conditioning program, I would say I could aid them, but would try to guide them to a more capable trainer in the field. Just because I played street hockey and watched some games, doesn’t make me an experrt in it.

MMA has hit mainstream. Its a good thing as it gest better coverage. But the flip side is , as I have emntioned in a previous blog, MMA ” experts” are coming out from high and low.

As I tell everyone: be honest with yourself and towards others.

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