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What is the difference between Combat Sambo and BJJ?

There are several common points between both systems. In first, they are both grappling based systems. In the grappling sense, the main difference is that Combat Sambo emphasizes more throwing, and takedown techniques. Many BJJ gyms start their sparring on the ground, and very infrequently teach takedown techniques. The assumption is that that the fight will end up on the ground, so why bother learning several takedowns. In Combat Sambo, takedowns are important, first they can damage your opponent by the fall itself and secondly, a good takedown puts you in the top position, a place a Combat Sambist wants to be.

Combat Sambo is mainly top-position. Meaning, rather than opting to fight from the bottom, one will prefer to get the top position. In competition (Combat Sambo or MMA), one has striking power and, more importantly, in the street, one doesn’t want to get caught in the bottom position, especially if one is faced against several assailants.

Lace ’em up! Leglocks

Combat Sambo is known to apply more leglocks than BJJ. That doesn’t mean that one won’t learn them in BJJ, but rather attacking the leg is seen as a valuable tool. The reason behind it comes from the street Combat Sambo mentality. Injuring the leg of an assailant, creates a better chance to escape the confrontation. Breaking an arm, the assailant can still run after you, a broken leg, much harder to chase you.

Nasty knives!

In Combat Sambo, one learns striking techniques and learn very practical techniques for street self-defense, such as defense vs. weapons (edged (eg.knife), blunt (eg. Baseball bat) and firearms (eg.handgun). Controlling techniques are also an important part of the Combat Sambo curriculum.

In conclusion, Combat Sambo can be seen as a more complete style, covering an all-around fighting system, not mainly for sport grappling purposes.


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