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What is the difference between Combat Sambo and Judo?


This is a less complicated search to see the difference between these two styles. The major and biggest difference is Judo has become purely a combat sport, whereas Combat Sambo has both sportive and personal self-defense training.

Combat Sambo has deep roots with Judo. A vast majority of the throws and submissions are based from Judo. Changes in grips and applications evolved. Throws from other former Soviet republic wrestling styles where added in.

Many of the same submission are seen in both styles. Leg locks where once part of Judo, in the days of its development, but gradually disappeared as Judo become more sportive in its approach.

As Judo is a pure grappling style, strikes are not taught, nor defense against strikes.

As for self-defense, it would be very hard to find a Judo dojo that teaches street self-defense training. There are self-defense techniques, but are usually done only in the Judo Katas to pass the belt tests. There are not many techniques taught for self-defense, nor are there pressure training drills as seen in Combat Sambo. This does not mean that Judo is useless for self-defense. A well trained Judoka, in my view, would do better in a street altercation, than an untrained person.

Judo has become over the years more and more a sport, due to its inclusion into the Olympics. There is very little influence on ground fighting, due to the fact that there is little time given to ground fighting in competition..The majority of Judo matches are won via standing throws. Therefore, during Judo training, little emphasis is done for ground fighting.

Finally, Combat Sambo training is done with shoes, unlike Judo and also BJJ. Why shoes? Well don’t most of us wear shoes outside the majority of the time? Sambo shoes are much lighter and more flexible than wrestling shoes, giving less potential for twisted ankles and knees, but give enough protection for the toes against twisted toes and broken toenails (which I myself got, grappling barefoot). So why do other styles train barefoot? This comes from the Japanese custom of removing ones shoes indoors. One would remove their footwear, and train barefoot. Sambo shoes, as with wrestling shoes are used only during practice, not outdoors, eventhougth I have seen people wrestling shoes on the street(!)

Yes, Sambo shoes do look cool!

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