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Guns Ablaze


With the shooting massacre that killed many in Connecticut USA some  months ago, the topic of guns and gun controlled is being discussed again, even here in Canada. It was a shocking event because the vast majority of the victims were young children. So what is my view on guns?

As my students and those that have trained with me, they know I have used handguns and rifles, and occasionally go to the gun range to fire handguns.  Even though this, I do not own a gun. I would us my friend’s or rent one at the gun range. Personally, I don’t have the urge to own one, and if I would, I would to have it locked up in an extremely safe place, so to prevent others access to it.

   Coach at gun range

As the gun debate rages on, people may wonder where I stand. Guns are part of our society and will always be there. They have their usage: hunting, defense and sport. I believe a main concern is what short of guns should be given access to people. I really don’t think one needs a high-powered assault rifle for hunting, nor does one need a sub-machine gun for self-defense. Those types of firearms belong to the military or the police, not for civilians.

Keep high powered guns to those who need it.

Keep high-powered guns to those who need it.

The debate for guns used for self-defense is divided one too. One side believes that guns have no place for self-defense as having them around can give access to criminals to steal them from gun owners, and have them on the streets for malicious intent, or if a loaded gun was accessible to young children, terrible accidents can happen. The other side insists that owning a gun would drop crime and enable people to defend themselves. If it was locked up in a safe place , by the time it is ready the crime is done. But if, one would imaging a horrific crime to unfold, such as rape on a loved one, if a gun was accessible, perhaps the crime would succeed.

Perhaps a good policy would be that certain firearms be permitted but strictly demand potential owners to take proper training courses in the usage and require follow-up training, just as one needs for First- Aid or CPR training. Not just allow anyone to go and purchase a gun at a gun shop. Also limit the types of guns on the market too. Firearms have their place, but they are not a toy.

Another main issue is our society now. Firearms were around before, but why were there less shootings then, people ask. It could be our  upbringing of children.

If there was always people who possessed guns several years ago (eg. ‘50s / 60s) why were there less mass shootings. The types of guns perhaps, lower population or maybe society has changed. People are still people. The upbringing of children and social interactions have changed. There are more split-up(divorced) families, children are put it daycare faster than before, kids spend more time in front of the screen either watching tv or playing video games, rather than moving their bodies and playing. I am not going to dwell on what is the proper way to raise ones children, but just pointing out that the changes in our recent society may lead to some answers on why gun violence is on the rise.

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people” is a common quote for  gun supporters. Others disagree with this , saying that it is easier to kill more people with guns than others handheld weapons. It is true that using a high-powered automatic gun, one can do more damage and kill more people in a shorter period of time.  There is some truth in the saying as no matter what weapon a killer uses, the intention to kill is still there. Here in Canada, we have more killings by knives, because they are easier to purchase than a gun, but we don’t need a license for knives.

This debate can go on, and will go on in the future. In closing, guns will always be around us, but they should be treated not as something lightly, rather be used and controlled in a proper and safe manner.

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