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Bad habits

Bad Habits


Bad habits are like an anaconda, once they enwrap you, your bad habits, like the anaconda’s deadly crush, will destroy you.

It's coming!

It’s coming!

The bad habits I am talking here in this article are not the small petty things like forgetting to put the cap back on the toothpaste, but of bad habits that can destroy us in the long wrong. Habits such as smoking, drug use, excessive alcohol use, eating unhealthily, and not exercising.
We’ve all falling into some sort of bad habits. There are some habits that we might think are harmless now, but can accumulate and cause much harm to oneself. Don’t fool oneself to say it’s too hard to be “good”. It is much easier than we think, moreover to suffer the consequences of our bad habits. It is a little difficult sometimes to resist temptation, because our senses try to entrap us. But once you get into doing good  habits , it will be more difficult  to continue one’s  bad habits, because you shall be aware and conscience of the harm that can be done by continuing one’s bad habits. You will understand the law of Cause and Effect.
There is no fun in having bad habits, its harm destroys all the fun. It satiates the mind so that soon these is no longer any joy for example in over-eating,  or in over-indulgence of any of the senses. If in anything you overdo, remember, you are under the influence and in the grip of bad habits.

An example would be if you are overweight with medical problems, but you continue to eat and drink poorly and never exercise, why continue these bad habits knowing they are doing harm.

Why continue?!

Why continue?!

Just as crime doesn’t pay, so bad habits don’t pay, because they will destroy your health and happiness and peace of mind, and they will also set a bad example for those who depend and care for you. You must strive to conquer harmful habits now. Don’t be afraid,  nor weak, stand up and be proud of oneself. Stay away from the things that stimulate you bad habits and always choose good substitutes that will bring you peace of mind and a sound, healthy body.

Temptations are alluring and mighty, but with stronger will one can overcome them. No matter how many times you fall, you can rise again. But when you admit defeat, then you are lost, and with this loss one will lose one’s health and happiness.


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2 Responses to “Bad habits”

  1. Great post!

    Sometimes I think it’s difficult for us to visualize what “good” health will mean in our lives. We know we SHOULD be healthier, but we don’t always recognize what the manifest reward will be for all that effort.

  2. Great post. We all need to conquer our bad habits and start living a more healthy life. I just posted a article about saying I can instead of saying I can’t. If we believe we can, we will make it happen. Awesome read and keep up the blogging 🙂

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