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It’s not my fault!!

This week the American Medical Association has officially recognized obesity as a disease. Looking around and seeing the increasing number of people getting obese in North America (yes, Canada too!! One in four children and youth are obese in Canada) one would think that this would be a disease that someone caught.

Declaring it a disease, is not something I would agree upon. It is getting out of hand when we have children starting to get illnesses from being obese. I would stop short of calling it a “disease”. Yes, there are some people who would have a higher chance of gaining weight, but that could be muscle, not fat. In the strength world , these  “easygainers” are the epitome of those struggling to put on muscle mass. But with no exercise and poor eating habits, eventually more fat will be put on; but that goes for the general population too.

I listened once, on the radio, to a plastic surgeon being interviewed, and how he was saying that it’s not his patience fault that they got fat, it’s the society we live in. He said if they were born 100 years ago, they wouldn’t be fat. Lifestyles have changed he states. I do agree that, unlike the “old days”, we have become more dependent on vehicles, and that there’s more processed foods then before. But to say that it’s not their fault…I don’t think so. We have simply gotten lazier and making bad choices.

I cannot disagree that they’re is a lot more garbage food out there. The market it like crazy for one goal, money. Even though, I don’t see how we can blame these companies in making us eat it? Nobody has ever forced me to eat that crap.

Blame the parents, not the companies

There is an argument that they prey their products on children who don’t know any better. But who buys it? The parents. I believe it’s a parents obligation to set an example , and teach their children a healthy lifestyle. If you see an obese child, there’s a very good chance that their parents are too.It’s way to easy to blame someone else for one’s situation, than facing the fact that it’s you that has caused this.

So what was the decision behind declaring obesity in the U.S.? They say they want to have more public awareness programs etc. I think there’s plenty of info out there for people to get. It’s sad when the government has to step in and regulate everything. If we all stopped eating garbage, those companies will see the change in their incomes, and have to make drastic changes. We have lost our discipline.

By declaring obesity a disease, the medical field could get more money too. pharmaceutical companies will be research the magic diet pill, and the doctors could push them=$. Plastic surgeons would get government support for doing fat reducing surgeries=$.


Stop the blame. Look in the mirror, and tell yourself that you can make a change.

One Response to “It’s not my fault!!”

  1. 100% agree. I’m a fat ass because of me and me alone. No medical “disease” made me this way.

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