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Genuine Goals

Happy 2014! For some out there, you have decided, as part of one’s new year’s resolution,  to take up some type of martial art.

Having been teaching for many years, I have seen many newbies come thru my gym’s doors. As everyone is different, people come in with different expectations. There are those with very little expectations, some with realistic, and of course those who have un-realistic high expectations.

Those with low expectations are the one’s who enter a gym with really no idea why they joined. They perhaps thought that joining up would be “cool” or to “loose some pounds”, but with really no concrete motives. These people, on one hand, unfortunately will interest quickly as it probably wasn’t really meant for them. On the other hand, others may ,thru time, end up creating goals, and stick it out and go far.


Make your goals

The people with realistic expectations, are the ones that have carefully thought over their goals and plans. It could be to learn fighting techniques and to get in shape at the same time. Also perhaps, to try out some competitions.  Of course they might stop their training temporarily or permanently, due to certain things: injuries, illness, work, children etc…. Those are , unfortunately, things that can happen in one’s life.


Real goal setting

The final group of beginners, are the one’s who have way to high, or completely un-realistic goals. I have seen several of these types come thru my door, and then leave some months or even weeks later. They come with dreams of becoming a pro-fighter, not realizing the sacrifices and hard worked needed, and have a hard time keeping up the pace of regular training, or take it extremely personal when they get thrown down, tapped out or hit in the face during sparring.


I’ve had others in this same grouping ask how long will it take to become a fighter or able to defend myself. I respond that I truly can’t answer that, in it depends on the amount of dedication to training time, and that everyone has different learning curves. As for myself, I was no “natural athlete” (as some assume), but rather I was I was extremely persevering in training and perfecting my techniques.


Others might want to lose weight, get ripped or more muscles, but give up because they do to much to soon or eat a very poor diet( which I have no control over). I actually had one person (someone who wanted personal training) tell me that if he doesn’t lose any weight, that it’ll be my fault, no his. I told him that :”I can’t control what you eat on your time, so perhaps you’d have to reconsider what your REAL goals are.”

In conclusion, I recommend anyone wanting to start out martial arts to sit down and truthfully write down one’s goals. Try to make micro( daily or weekly goals) and macro(monthly and long term) goals.


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