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The cold grey skies are above us. We bundle up, and cover ourselves with warm clothing, and try to spend as little time outside, especially on those deep arctic days. Wintertime is also the main time when people get sick. We pick up a virus from some Joe who was infected around us. What does this have to do with vitamin D? Well there’s a reason why its called the “Sun Vitamin”

I was talking some years ago to a health practitioner about why we get ill more in the winter time. I answered that:” there are more viruses around?” All he did was point to the sunny sky. It was like that scene in “Enter the Dragon” when Bruce Lee © pointed his finger to the moon with his pupil.

bruce_lee_fingerLook to the sky, there’s your answer!

So what he meant is that, we lack exposure to the sun during the wintertime, therefore we get less vitamin D in our body. We get vitamin D at its best from the sun. We don’t need that much exposure (as we know, too much ain’t too good too!) to get the daily % of vitamin D we need. Yes there are other ways, but best “comsuption” is thru the sun.

I can give myself as some proof. Sorry no research team followed me around for this. Two years ago, I took vitamin D supplements, 1000 UI/ day, during the winter season, starting in October. I noticed I wasn’t getting ill. In illness, I mean the common cold or the flu. Others around me were. This winter season, I got lazy or forgetful( the same!) and didn’t take any. What happened, and happening(!) I’ve been getting sick it seems every 2 weeks. I started back taking the supplements, but a bit too late. The vitamin D has to be in your system already, not when you start feeling sick.

Got sick constantly this year. Keep vit D in your system!

Got sick constantly this year. Keep vit D in your system!

There has been a recent study that says vitamin D  supplements have no real usage  here but that report mentions nothing of what I am talking about. Of course, if someone at age 60 has poor bone health, of course all of a sudden taking vitamin D supplements won’t help now.

My main point, taking from my own personal experience that perhaps taking vitamin D between the months of October to March, may help one stop getting so sick and feeling down. Please remember I am no medical doctor nor a registered dietician……just Coach!

Enjoy it when you can

Enjoy it when you can

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