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The new combat sport law mishmash

Last years Canada’s new Bill S-209 has been proclaimed as a blessing to legalize pro-MMA in all of Canada. It has been legal in some provinces, such as Quebec, so why now? All this has to go with that MMA has become a real big industry now. Politicians and many citizens have praised this bill, but there is a hidden demon behind it.


The bill passed to legalize pro-MMA. To me that’s fine, but if you look at the law there are texts that affect amateur combat sports. According to the new laws, many combat sport competitions are ILLEGAL, according to the laws. I personally asked the ministry here in Quebec about the new law, I got the full story.

So what the law states is that combat sports outside of Karate, Judo, Wrestling, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing, that are officially sanctioned by the government are illegal. Even GRAPPLING competitions are illegal, because they are not sanctioned by the feds.

So we have stepped back many steps. We can’t have our own amateur MMA, or grappling competitions. Why? Because the government wants the money. They want to have total control of all the combat sports. Yes, you may think they want more safety, but the real deal is, more $$$!

How it works is that with their plan is that all gyms have to register to the official fed =$, all participants in competitions have to register=$, coaches have to register=$, even recreational people=$. If one wants to hold a competition=$$.

Many gyms still think that grappling is still legal. The feds are not after this for now, bu the chopping board is coming soon!

What this law does is take our freedom and rights to choose which organizations we want to belong to, and hold competitions under them. Now, we are beeing forced to comply with government regulated federations that will take money from us, and tell us how to run the show. The martial arts community is at risk now. Time to wake up and see the reality!!


This new law is turning us into a Nanny State! They want to tell us what to do. The state knows better….


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