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Why Spar?



Many people  have asked  why   do we spar so much, and is it necessary. To answer the last question first, yes. I don’t teach a cardio MMA class where sparring is non-existent. This is a big “in” thing for other gyms, but here at Club Kozak, we teach real training.

What defines sparring?   Sparring is when two practitioners engage in spontaneous exchanges of techniques, each trying to hit, throw or submit each other. In this method, practitioners display highly controlled attacks and defenses, but draw from their individual resources, from the wealth of knowledge, skills, training and experience. Sparring is done in stages to gradually orient the practitioner to the demands and reality of combat.



Having travelled and lived in Asia for many years, I’ve encountered many styles that proclaim that there style and techniques are way too dangerous to do any type of sparring. I understood that certain styles applied “lethal” techniques, but one could modify the technique for the sake of safe sparring. Safety in sparring is also a key to developing skill, thus some techniques are prohibited during sparring. No matter how deadly your art and style may be, you must control your strikes within the sphere of good motives against the background of peaceful intentions.


Some style or schools use heavy gear to keep their students safe from injury but too much protective gear can cause issues.Many styles wear full protective gear, this tends to completely ignore reality. Rather, practitioners in Club Kozak are required to use minimal protective gear, but still protected!, to encourage the development of defensive skills and not just offensive techniques. Too much gear diminishes the reality of the fight. Participants become reckless, their movements become inhibited, their sense of distance becomes impaired.


So what is the benefits of doing sparring?

Sparring makes one understand the usefulness and practicality of one’s techniques. Without sparring, it’s like learning how to drive using a video game rather than stepping into a car tor learn to drive.

To develop self-confidence is to do the things your fear to do. Always ponder to your experience, for it is the best teacher.
Frequent sparring and application of techniques develop and actualized the art’s strategies. Without sparring, drills remain drills. They will be nothing more than mere exercises and movements that create the illusion without the reality of combat.
It is only through constant and regular sparring that techniques become truly honed, reflexive movements. Without the active participation of the mind, body, and spirit under the stress of sparring or actual engagement, the techniques will remain mere physical exercises without any relationship to combat.

A technique cannot exploit its full potential unless combined with the attributes of balance, power, speed, focus, timing, and attitude. When combined, these elements cause the outcome or whole to be more effective then the sum of the parts. The number of different techniques mastered does not necessarily increase the level of competence. Thus quantity of techniques is not the focus.

Sparring is not a contest, but a process through one begins to understand oneself.

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