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The Runaround

is-running-bad-for-your-bones-and-joints-2699Running..but how?

There have been several debates on the positive and negative effects of running recently. Rather than debate its effectiveness for the general population, this article will cover running for the means of fitness and training for a martial nd combat sports.
Most people will think of running right away as a great way to get in shape. It’s cheap and readily available. Although quite simple, people should though get proper information or training on proper running form to reduce the chance of unnecessary injuries.
As for running for combat sports/ Martial Arts, the way we run is important. Many have seen old boxing movies of long distance running to build one’s “wind”. Honestly, any method of running can get one in better shape. Although for best results ,in my opinion, is running short distance and at a faster pace rather than running long distance.


Faster the better!

Before talking about the negative effects of running long-distance, let us see its major benefits .These benefits are: fat loss, increase endurance and stamina . Because one runs at a slower pace, it can also be a good time for relaxation, like a “meditation in motion”.


So what are the negative effects of long-distance running? It has been proven that long distance running may reduce ones muscle mass. As a combat fighter, one doesn’t want that! Apart from actual scientific data, I tell people look at a marathon runner, then a sprinter; which one has way more muscle mass ?The sprinter of course.


Your choice…

I have seen too many joggers that even thought they jog several times per week, they still have a high body fat percentage. This can show that a slow place,long distance running doesn’t work as efficient in burning fat, as does sprinting or interval running. Too much long distance running, as well as too much intense training can cause negative effects on one’s health. It takes a toll on one’s immune system. I’ve seen a personal friend that does extreme long distance races, and seems to get sick very often. Over-burning the system leaves one open to infections.


Too much can actually do more harm than good.

The method one runs is of a major importance for getting the best benefits. Just going out for a 30 minute jog can help, but a more effective method can be done. Better ways are sprints or interval runs. Access to a track or being able to mark off distances are necessary for a constructive sprinting regime. 50M to 200M sprints are a great way to get in better shape for fighting. Should one have no access to a proper track, interval running which is based on time is an excellent training method. This type of training is of easy/hard running. It is done by jogging, then running hard. It mimics a sport fight where one goes hard, and then pulls back during a fight. Since one does not fight in a steady state, such as jogging, but rather in an full out state (especially in a street fight situation) sprinting or interval training are the best methods of running .Competition fights are a combination of full out action, and with some slow down. Street fights are basically full all out action in a small time frame. High-intensity running is a much more effective way to burn fat and get into better cardio shape in a shorter amount of training time. Because of the intensity, a proper warm-up should be done before sprinting.

Time is an important fact too. As for just running, more can be done in a certain time. Should one run for 45mins or more, one can do more of an overall fitness routine in that time period. In the same amount of time on could be doing a strength, cardio and stretching routine. Martial artist and combat fighters need a greater overall fitness. Variety is the best method for overall fitness.

In conclusion, I am not putting down long distance running nor slow-paced jogging. Some others have attacked it with much zeal to make an anti-running community. Running too me , if enjoyed, is fabulous. It is a great way to get in shape rather than doing nothing. Personally I enjoy running. Sprinting is a fabulous workout, but a slow run lets me “relax” more. I did the 20K race, and still do 10K (without any specific training for it) because I respect the mental toughness needed in running such a long distance.
Rather than debating this subject to death, get out your running shoes and go run, fast or slow!!


Just put ’em on and do something useful!!

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