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七転び八起き(nanakobi ya oki) “fall down seven times, get up eight” is a very famous Japanese proverb.This proverb has a great meaning in my life and probably for others too.

We all have a made great promises to oneself and sometimes to others. People make promises like to eat better, get in shape, stop smoking, cut down on alcohol,be a better person, etc. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these promises fail.

Like they say: “easier said than done” It is much, much easier to give up on ones goals, than to actually follow thru with them. If that wasn’t the case , we would hear more success stories.

I’m not who has been untouched by this issue. Being a instructor, unlike what some people might think, does not make me an invincible person. I am teacher, trainer, motivator and mentor. But there comes a cost to it. The big question is: if a teacher has to motivate others, who motivates the teacher? Fortunately, I have mentors that I can seek for advice and inspiration.

I have been guilty of times where I was not exercising/training at all. Some people couldn’t believe it, as they think I’m always in shape. There have even been in my training back in the days as a martial arts student. I did have a short layoff period. A break from it all. I am human after all.

These last 2 years, for myself and others. Ups and downs. Light and darkness. Some people’s breaking point reached their max. One of my friend’s child overdosed. Others in my circle broke up their relationships, some nastier than others. Luckily for myself, ours held strong.

These trying times, there has been much tension between many of us. Difference in opinions caused grief and resentment. Relationships split. Friendships ruined. Myself, a friendship has ended over discrepancies.

As for my own training, it was stop and go. Some days I’d be pumped up work out for a stretch . Then the constant lock downs, seeking side jobs for money, getting bad news from others around me. The motivation dropped. Would be days, sometimes weeks until I got back up.

Fortunately, I have made new acquaintances. Positive thinking people.

So I reached out my hand to these positive like minded friends,I got up and pulled myself of the quagmire of bleakness. Now, I see more confidence in my odyssey ahead. We all can.

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