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January 25, 2012

Several weeks ago I read and article in the Globe&Mail entitled ” It’s time to shed the tyranny of dieting-losing weight is a losing battle” I was quite disappointed in the message that any attempt in trying to lose weight is useless. This message in a national newspaper is what fuels many people in thinking […]

Fresh Start-2012

January 9, 2012

2012 is upon us and most of us have made our resolutions. Should one decide to make a resolution, one should keep it. A resolution, which can be made any time within the year!, should be kept, just as one should keep promises towards others. Why do most resolutions give-up? Well some are just un-realistic, […]

Invest in your health

November 25, 2011

  Most people I come across in daily life will tell me all about their financial investments they made, how much they earned etc… When I ask them if they train or exercise, they say they have no time, or no money (ha!). No time? These people will spend hours in front of their computer, […]

Train No-Gi or with Gi?

November 8, 2011

I’ve recently read certain popular martial art trainers claim that training with a Gi (or Kurtka in my case) is out dated and has no practical use. They also say that no gi training has more practicality for real life self-defense situations. Bold statements. The recent decline in Gi training has come from the booming […]

Knife defense useless?

June 9, 2011

  As you know, at my school, Club Kozak, I teach realistic and very simple knife defense techniques. We practice and train with resistance. Yes, defending against a knife is not the same thing as defending against a punch or an MMA match. It is a lot harder and can have some serious consequences. It […]

Obesity out there

May 19, 2011

We all laugh when we thin of our US neighbours about them being fat. But look at us here, we’re rigt behind them. Last stats I heard is that 4 of 10 Canadians are overweight.  How’s to blame? We look around and blame others, but really its you to blame. To much stress, my genetics, […]

March 11 Japan earthquake

March 23, 2011

Being tied closely to Japan,personally and with the gym, the deadly earthquake that struck Japan touched me personally. Fortunately, friends and family where not hurt by it, but others not so fortunate. Eventhough, not physically hurt, due to the ongoing problem of the radiation leaks from the nuclear reactors, they could be affected too. We […]

New Year’s resolutions

January 26, 2011

Its the time of the year where we hear and see people trying to commit to their resolutions. I ask others about theirs and am interested in hearing them. The thing is, resolutions don’t have to made in the new year. They can be done at anytime throughout the year.  If people would do this, […]

Build your foundation

January 10, 2011

Once there was a wealthy but foolish ma. When he saw the beautiful 3 storied house of another person, he envied it and made up his mind to have one built just like it, thinking he was himself just as wealthy. He called a carpenter and ordered him to build it. The carpenter consented and […]

Good way of behavior

February 8, 2010

Once there was a rich widow who had a reputation for kindness, modesty and courtesy. She had a housemaid who was wise and diligent. One day the maid thought: My mistress has a very good reputation; I wonder whether she is good by nature, or is good because of her surroundings. I will try her […]