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Many people, especially in the grappling world, will say that most real fights (even 90%) will go to the ground. I’m not sure if there are ‘real’ stats on this, or is this just a mythical number.
Fights that end on the ground are because people are untrained and get easily taken down, or people training in certain martial arts where they naturally react to go to the ground because most of their techniques are based on ground fighting.

A main important part is that you don’t want drilled into your mindset that you’re going to be taken to the ground. My belief, the ground is the very last place you want to be in the vast majority of real fights. Staying on your feet, one is able to analyze the situation, and have a better ability to escape from the situation. Should one look to ground fighting for all responses to a situation, one will automatically program oneself to naturally go to the ground. The circumstances of the fight dictate the strategy one will use to deal with it.

Assault by multiple attackers

Assault by multiple attackers

One must not forget, the vast majority of confrontations start standing. A one on one confrontation, going to the ground might be an option; but if faced with multiple attackers going to the ground would be a very dangerous option. Even if one on one, if the assailant had a hidden knife, ground fighting would be not a smart option.
Knife in a ground fight

Knife in a ground fight

There would be certain situations where ground fighting would be a natural option. Example would be on ice/snow (slipping), bed(house break-in) were ground fighting may be ones only choice.

Even though there are negatives in ground fighting in a real fight, ground fighting training is an extremely important skill for absolute confidence. Should one be forced to the ground, panic will not set in, because one possess these tools.
Having these skills will aid in getting out of bad positions (ex.mount), able to get up to standing position faster, and have the submissions to control or injure someone if necessary.

Starting sparring from the knees

Starting sparring from the knees

One has to realize the difference between “grappling” and “ground fighting”. In grappling, there are both stand-up and ground fighting techniques. Grappling styles that put a good effort to practice and use stand-up techniques (i.e. take-downs, throws)truly aid in a real fight. Training stand-up techniques help when locked up in a clinch, or when faced against several assailants. Should one start sparring from the ground the majority of the time, or go to the ground immediately in sparring, that could potentially cause a natural instinct to do that in a confrontation.

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