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All that info out there

With so many blogs, websites and videos out there, I think there is more confusion than ever before.

Many students ask me “What should I eat?”; “What exercises are good to do?”….People spend hours in front of their computers trying to digest all that info out there, but in the end never figure out what to do!

Some info or videos put out there are interesting and a value. I find most, though are too full of complicated details, as in some authors trying to make their article look like a Phd research, when they could cut out all the numbers and formulas and give a simple routine. Or the videos that look more like an act from the Shanghai acrobat troup touring the globe.

Impressive, but needed for combat training?

I think there is too many people trying way to hard to impress people. If you need a simple and realistic routine for combat sports or for just fitness in general, ask Coach.

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