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Obesity out there

We all laugh when we thin of our US neighbours about them being fat. But look at us here, we’re rigt behind them.
Last stats I heard is that 4 of 10 Canadians are overweight.  How’s to blame?
We look around and blame others, but really its you to blame.

To much stress, my genetics, the food I buy..not my fault! Really? most of our decision in life are done by ourselves, but we still like to make it someone elses problem.
Stress yes, we all have it, some more than others, but we can control how it affects us. Genetics, that’s a good one! Yes, some people can put on weight more than others, but come on, is that really an excuse? It is you who puts the food in your mouth, not your genes! Blaming certain restos or foods we by…you bought it, it wasn’t giving to YOU!

Therefore, we really have to analyze of what everything we eat and all the activity we try to do is up to YOU! Make your decision now, engage now!

Club Kozak offers proper personal training and nutrition consultation that can affect your new life.

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