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Several weeks ago I read and article in the Globe&Mail entitled ” It’s time to shed the tyranny of dieting-losing weight is a losing battle” I was quite disappointed in the message that any attempt in trying to lose weight is useless. This message in a national newspaper is what fuels many people in thinking negatively about an attempt to lose some weight.

I did agrees with the point that the media does play a dominating role in pursuading people to loose weight. But the main problem is that most people take extreme measures to loose the weight, as in following rediculous and potentially dangerous diet and exercise plans.

The best thing, as I preach and teach, is to take things in small steps. The saying goes: “One must walk before one runs.” I add: “one must crawl before one walks!” This is to mean that we should make small, short-term REALISTIC goals for ourselves. That includes eating well AND exercising correctly for oneself.

It is too bad to read this and other articles(in the same newspaper saying even exercise is dangerous!) giving negative feedback to people trying their best in getting into better shape and more healthy. I am afraid that people will read such articles and give up and say: ” Well, you see! It’s hopeless to lose weight, so it’s not my fault I’m getting fatter!”

As I tell all my students: ” Don’t give up. Progress will come eventually with persistence!”

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  1. Highly energetic blog, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?|

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