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Training in Japan 2012

I had a great opportunity to be able to train with the pro-fighters of the Pancrase affiliated fighters. These fighters are under the group the name Pancrasism.

Their training started at 12 noon. It started off with light warm up, the 2-3 rounds 3 min shadow boxing. From there, we did takedown entries, back and forth( you go-he goes). Then came the main, sparring. It was 5 min. rounds with 30 sec(!) breaks. You went with as many as possible. The day I was there was grappling( from stand-up…yes!!) those having a match soon did MMA sparring.

From there, we did a circuit training. Circuit was sprawls-jumping lunges with weights-get ups with weights-box jumps(done on ring). This was done 2-3 times. Then was abs. Crunches and hip raises with feet on wall. We finished off with weight on back and doing static push-up holds and modified push-ups.

ImageCircuit training

We cooled down and ended of with meditation.

ImagePancrasism fighters and me

What I like about training here is that the gym is simple, just like Club Kozak. No high-tech ,in-style training facility. Their tools are simple, but the heart and spirit is very strong. I find that people get entranced with in-fashion and intricate gyms, when the simplistic ones can offer the most.

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